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The new Forma Aquae showroom

For many years we have been committed to making one of the most important places of our life welcoming and cosy: our home. An environment in which to create and preserve memories; somewhere one can stop, live and share.

So we too have chosen to create a home for our products. A special place that reflects our philosophy, welcomes architects and customers and gives our bathtubs the space they truly deserve.

On September 7, during the international furniture fair week, we inaugurated our showroom in Milan. 300 square metres of display space and a selection of our bathtubs carefully positioned along a route which was studied ad hoc based on color, decorations and different cutting-edge models. 

In addition to the area dedicated to the display of our products, the showroom also features a number of offices to meet suppliers and professionals, where architects, interior designers and retailers can present their projects, and where, sometime in the future, we can bring our school and social projects to life.

3 rooms in which to discuss, create and transform ideas into projects.

1 display area to enjoy a hands-on experience with our products and make them the key element of any bathroom furniture project.

A new environment which expresses our identity and allows us to stand apart from the rest.

We look forward to meeting you in via San Gregorio 43 in Milan

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