Forma Aquae



Forma Aquae, modern bathroom furniture with a unique design

Our concept sees the bathtub as the key element, proposed in colors coordinated with the rest of the bathroom environment, so as to create a perfectly contextualised feature within this space.

Our proposal is completed with highly selected models of gel coat washbasins with unique characteristics.

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The infinite bathroom furnishing possibilities that Forma Aquae offers are waiting only for you!



The bathtubs, with Forma Aquae, become real design objects. Made in a single piece, they guarantee solidity and sturdiness, maintaining a seductive and refined style thanks to the thin and elegant edges.

For this reason, only Forma Aquae can now offer a 10-year warranty against the 2 required by the rules governing the international market.

Models chosen for shape and color also for the washbasins that allow you to create perfect combinations.

The whole Forma Aquae production chain is controlled to guarantee every stage of the process.