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A Valuable Bathtub, The Value Of The Bathtub

A bathtub is an object that tends to enhance the bathroom environment, and never undermine it. There are different types, shapes and colors, capable of adapting to every situation.
When an architect has to design a new bathroom project, whether its a makeover or a new build, he must take into account all the details and variables of the location, as well as any other room in the house.
Moreover, the architect must endeavour to find the right compromise between the needs of everyday life and the desire to have the bathroom of one's dreams.
Very often, customers prefer shower trays over bathtubs, even when the house has several different bathrooms.
A choice that, more often than not, does not satisfy the designer or even the customer.
According to several studies, we spend at least one hour in our bathroom every single day, and it is essential that this environment is designed and furnished to provide superior levels of comfort.
In this regard, an architect tends not to underestimate the design of this environment, being aware of the fact that it may prove to be a mistake that can affect the living concept of the whole house. This is why Forma Aquae has designed a series of products that truly make an impression.
Monoliths studied in detail and capable of enhancing every environment with design and color, giving every architect the opportunity to put his own signature on every single project.
Because the bathroom is an environment to be taken care of, so that every day it can take care of us in return.

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