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As Comfy as a Sofa

When a bathtub turns into an unparalleled experience of home relaxation.

Taking a bath is not simply a matter of hygiene. It’s a ritual.
Since ancient times, women have always considered sinking into a bathtub to be a moment of ultimate wellness.
Cleopatra, for example, always bathed in sour donkey milk. Poppaea always travelled with a herd of donkeys to continue to bathe in the milk even whilst travelling. Marilyn Monroe, unlike the other two women, preferred bubbles to milk.
But whatever the preferred beauty elixir, the key element of any luxury bathroom furnishing is a comfortable, functional and elegant bathtub.

Beautiful in shape and superior quality materials. Just like a designer sofa.

The bathtub is becoming an increasingly important object of desire for those who decorate homes, one that can transform the bathroom into a relaxation area in its own right.
In addition to enhancing the bathroom, a free-standing tub can also be placed perfectly inside a bedroom: the perfect position for those looking for a new way of enjoying their intimacy.
An example of this is our Free4 model Conceived as a centre room bathtub, it is also perfect for fitting on walls, corners and peninsulas.
A transversal product, with a double reclined backrest, bestowing a sleek finishing touch to every environment.
For those who love pushing the boundaries in life and want to indulge in the beauty of a moment for themselves even outside the night zone, a bathtub can also be fitted in the living room. With elegant finishes and stylish colors, it becomes a design object in its own right, and a relaxing alternative to enjoy a book or watch a film, alone or in company.
In this case we recommend the Arca model. Elegantly rounded narrow edges, contemporary design, and sinuous shapes which evoke a feeling of relaxation and well-being.
Every environment has its own bath, just as every architect has his own style. Some prefer a classic look, others a minimal look and others a futuristic look.
Whatever the initial project, we work alongside our professionals to bring it to life.

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