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Decordress: When a book truly can be judged by its cover

Fashions change, and so do habits. Like the way one lives one's own home.

After spending so much time within the walls of one's home, it is only natural to feel the need to bestow an original appearance to such an important place. So how can we turn our home into a space capable of reflecting our new needs and new requirements? The concept of change, in a home which requires no restructuring work, encounters its maximum expression in the form of decoration.

The use of color and furnishing accessories becomes of absolute and fundamental importance to enhance different environments and adapt the spaces to the needs of those who live there on a daily basis. Bathroom furniture has also been involved in this change and the time has come to find new products capable of satisfying a market in continuous evolution. In our business sector timeliness is key.

For this reason we have studied and developed innovative solutions to support design and engineering professionals in their implementation of this innovative concept of “living”.

Decor Dress is in fact the result of an amalgamation of the aesthetic sophistication of Studio Bojola and the technology of Forma Aquae in the bathroom furniture industry. An innovative collection that reinterprets the bathtub and places it as a key element, designed to be integrated within any context of the home that is dedicated to relaxation. To bring the bathtub back to the centre of daily life: the object that best represents peace, serenity, well-being. 

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